Roughly two weeks remain…

…before we have to say, “I’m so sorry, Rhonda.”

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Rally, Korrektiv, rally!


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    A fella by the name of Brian Jobe sent me his proposal abstract to look over, and it’s a good’n. Lost in the Cosmos as the ultimate Girardean novel.

    How about the other JOB now? No gettin’ out of it this time!

    I’m hoping to concoct something on the subject of The Depressed Self and the Ex-Suicide, which was the first thing of Percy’s I read after pulling LITC off the shelf at my college’s library one gloomy evening back in the late fall of 1984, at the tender age of 19. A turning point to be sure.

    Let’s do this! Is it too early to make hotel reservations?

    Help us, Rhonda!

    • Matthew Lickona says

      I fear I have little choice but to do something on The Pornographic Self…

    • I WILL be there this time… THAT IS, if my wife doesn’t pull some shit like dig up the septic tank…

      That said, I’m working on something regarding Percy and Melville. As we all know, Percy had a strange fascination with Melville – and I think much of it had to do with the fact that Ishmael (aka the Town-Ho’s Steelkilt (my personal hypothesis which I stole from a Cistercian)) was (one of?) the first character(s) in American lit to undergo a quest, “the search,” what have you. He was grumpy and went to sea: (“It is a way I have of driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation.” If that’s not a line Percy luxuriated in I don’t know my Percy!) but soon we realize his grumpitude was in part not knowing the secret of living in a single 24-hour period without the “hypos” getting the upper hand…

      Sounds like the beginning of a Percy novel, for Moby’s sake!

      So in two weeks I hope to have some way to tie these jumbled thoughts in with Lost in the Cosmos.

      By the way – Tom More refers to himself as Ishmael in the opening of Love in the Ruins.


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Angelico? Duffer? Cubeland? Darwins? Expat?

    Ironic, I know you already sent regrets. And you, too, Webb.

    But what of our other fellow travelers? Santiago? Paul? Bernardo?

  3. Kierkekaard and Percy: A Symposium

    Chicago IL, September 2014

    (Includes a visit to St. Olaf’s College)

    A Call for Papers

  4. You and your homeschool geography. We’ll take the bullet train.


  5. I’m probably in, although it sounds like someone may have already taken the coveted “explaining Pinterest to academics” angle. I will probably do another wacky slideshow about…Katniss being lost in the Cosmos or something equally ridiculous.

    IC: I post this all so that you understand that one need not be a respected academic to get one’s foot in the door. And your foot is both respected AND academic, I hear, so get your department to foot the bill and come on down to New Orleans.

    • SE–
      My school allows us one conference a year, maybe. We have to justify every penny. I think this would have to be on my own dime. But thanks for the encouragement. It still doesn’t change that the only thing I know about Walker Percy is that he has inspired some cool people who write for a misspelled blog. Enjoy!

  6. I have an idea! I’m going to submit a proposal.

    I wish I had letters after my name, like Angelico. I would feel less like a nobody submitting this thing.

    (Lost in the Meritocracy! The UnBelonging Self, or precarious self-esteem among the unlettered attempting entry to academia.)

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