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Kentucky for Kentucky

I dunno, I just thought this was cool.

Our mission is to engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products. And to Kick Ass for the Commonwealth!

Kentuckians have been influencing and creating American and world culture for a long time. We were the first to sing Happy Birthday, fry chicken, and slap high-fives. We invented bourbon, bluegrass music, and the mother-freaking Kentucky Derby. We made cool cooler by birthing Clooney, Depp, and Hunter S. Thompson. We pushed the What-Are-Ladies-For-And-Good-At envelope with Loretta Lynn, all the Judds, and Diane Sawyer. We redefined sport with Ali, Sea Biscuit, and Rondo. We invented the gas mask, people.

We are the real deal. We are Kentucky.

Not a big fan of assorted Judds, but otherwise – Kentucky for Kentucky.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Brought to you by the letter ‘K’.

  2. Makes you want to live there, although Texas has less rain. Thanks S.E.

  3. I like Kentucky Fried Chicken, although sometimes one doesn’t want chicken, and I remembered yesterday that twice I thought it had replaced McDonald’s, but it is just further up the street.

    Sorry I haven’t made any comments for a while.

  4. “We invented the gas mask”???

  5. It must be hard, constantly living in the shadow of NashVegas. Poor babies.

    former Tennessean

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