Check out the animated show Bat out of Hell on YouTube!

There are no special occasions.

In the future, everything will be on YouTube. This is from Tom Waits’ 1978 appearance on Austin City Limits. I have a VHS copy of this show – a gift from my uncle. Burma-Shave.


  1. Heh, now that’s a cool gift. Or Netflix, or something like it. Last summer I found his Big Time concert there and a few weeks later my brother said his band-mate’s girlfriend found a VHS copy in a drawer at her work, at a convention center in Austin.

    Have you seen it? I remember lots of good stuff being on it. His Cold Cold Ground live is phenomenal.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      You mean this?

      • No, no, the NETFLIX version.

        The Netflix version isn’t on Youtube.

      • Commenting from “the corner of friendly and snooty.”

        • ^Me.

          Wow, I’m listening to Big Time on Youtube and a police car comes up in front of my apartment with lights flashing, but no siren. Just then, Clap Hands starts playing and the police siren (a toy, maybe) sounds in the background.

          Tom Waits syncs into my little corner so often. Once when driving down the street listening to The Piano Has Been Drinking, he sung, “…and the piano tune has a hearing aid” just as I was passing by a Hearing Aid Center sign. Always wondered what that was about.

  2. This was recorded on the day of my birth, and yet I find in it no message of cosmic significance for myself.

    Is the trumpeter using a styrofoam cup as a mute? That’s pretty sweet.

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