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He liked to leave mysteries.

Happy deathday, Mr. Frost (h/t to IC)



  1. Nicely executed, Mr Potter. 😉

  2. I.C., yes, Potter does a great job. But, keep in mind that he is a long time user of deer antler spray. Some might think that gives him an unfair advantage.

    One non-scholer’s opinion is that Frost is the greatest. An onion the be peeled and enjoyed at every layer.

    Thanks Jonathan.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    As some wag posted on Facebook:
    Robert Frost is dead
    And angels fear to tread
    Into the frenzied fray about
    Whether he was or was not devout
    But Kollektivists rush in
    Cuz being foolish ain’t a sin.

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    I have seen evening fall on morning frost.
    I’ve watched black woods fill up with moonlit snow.
    I have looked down two roads from where they crossed;

    I know that one of them, I’ll never know.
    I have worked side by side with wordless men,
    And thought ‘Good-bye’ when it was time to go.

    I have thought homeward thoughts, once and again,
    But winter was the wind against my back
    When summer drove me west and drew me in

    Until I reached the utmost end of track
    On beaches gray as asphalt and exhaust;
    And further west, the churning, chilly black

    Said summer was not found and was not lost.
    I have seen evening fall on morning frost.

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