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The Mad Monk

Up from the comments: Mrs. Darwin alerts us to this article on Dom Gregory de Wit.

I love the line from his mentor: ““You will not make great things but you will make beautiful things.”

In other news, The Anchoress once used the St. Brigid’s stations on her blog.


  1. I’ve made Up From The Comments! I’m famous!

    I cannot understate the ineffably creepy effect of De Wit’s huge Pantocrator at Sacred Heart (the image in the above article), with his bulging eyes and thick lips and ubiquitous contours. I’ve been to mass there several times over the years, and you almost can’t look away from the immense figure looming over the altar.

    You’re right (per the comments in the other post) that some of those images are from St. Joseph’s Abbey, and I can’t think why, because Sacred Heart has enough De Wit for whole photo album. In the vestibule are two large murals — I can’t remember the subjects of both, but one has WWI-era soldiers and civilians praying for peace.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    When the Kollektiv (and friends) enter into glory, as in the grand finale scene of Lost, the church we all file into will be the one at St. Joseph’s Abbey, don’t you think?

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