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Prince Alphonse

Time is short, countrymen! Trust not the British Crown, for theirs is the way of demons! SLAY THE BEAST INSIDE ME! DO NOT WORRY FOR MY SAFETY, JUST DESTROY THE MONSTER!



  1. Well, there’s a tie-in. Although I have no idea to what.

  2. notrelatedtoted says

    Hmmmm. Did I once hear a rumor that Kate Middleton was Catholic?

    Lives of Famous Catholics!

    Commoner renounces her faith so as to marry the Prince. Commoner winds up pregnant by Princes’s boozy bother, under obscure circumstances.

    “It was Vegas. Harry was there. I think someone put something in my drink. I was talking with one of the Kardashians, not sure which one – the gigantic one? Not sure, but the next thing I know, I’m waking up in a suite at the Bellagio and can’t find my shoes.”

    Prince’s boozy brother mysteriously re-deployed to Afghanistan.

    The big reveal is that she discovers that the entire Royal Family are Masonic Reptilians, and that through some ancient ritual foretold by prophesy, she carries the unborn Antichrist!

    I’m still working on the resolution.

    Story inspired by this headline:

  3. Hysterical. Thanks.

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