Apparently, this Dorian Speed person that Southern Expat thinks she has discovered (it’s cute, Angelico, the way you pretend it isn’t you) has also gone and written something for the season:

In a blue plastic tub, shoved into the back of a cabinet full of plastic containers, there are three red cookie cutters: Santa, a reindeer, and a turkey. They’re all that remain of my childhood adventures with salt dough ornaments. I hang onto them despite their not being very well-suited for actual cutting of cookies; they’re a bit too shallow and too fussy in design to work with my current roster of cookie dough recipes. But you never know.

Do go take a look. And maybe buy a copy!


  1. Labora would not accept my payment information.

    But, will check back later. We need to make a movie of these, or perhaps an Andrew Lloyd Weber type opera version.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I ordered me a copy. I’ll have to scan it into a PDF when it arrives so I can read it on my Kindle and/or iPad and/or Droid and/or Computer(s).

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Does Greg Wolfe get his covers hand-printed? No?

    Well, well.

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