All Sales Final

In which I propose a film.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    That’s entertainment!

  2. I think I would first want to read the book.

  3. Imelda/Sophia, O.P. says

    I for one wouldn’t see it, but the title is genius.

  4. Jonathan Potter says

    It could be done as a dark comedy.

  5. “And this is where the movie gets fun” ???

    I love your irony.

    You know, those Cormac McCarthy novels turned movies are pretty pitch dark, and they did OK. So…not impossible….

    (p.s. I read All the Pretty Horses while in early labor with my first child. I still think this is the reason that birth experience was, if not from hell, from a circle nearby–made bearable by the gift of my son. Still, my son was great, the birth was a McCarthy nightmare.)

    • Angelico Nguyen says

      Epic postscript.

      • I didn’t learn, either. I read The Night Birds while in labor with my fourth. An easy birth by comparison but the book gave me nightmares (if you are unfamiliar with it, look it up and read it. Nightmares aside, brilliantly done).

        I’m not a McCarthy fan. My husband loves his spare yet descriptive style, though, and I can see that.

    • notrelatedtoted says

      I didn’t get All the Pretty Horses.

  6. notrelatedtoted says

    My 13 y.o. son has an idea for a movie whereby a gang of thieves have to steal a nuclear submarine. Think Ocean’s 11 meets The Hunt for Red October.

  7. Didn’t that guy who played Patton make a movie like this once? He had to descend into the madness of the porn industry, etc.

    At any rate – I’d see your version. But maybe it needs to be a novel first.


    • Matthew Lickona says

      Right you are. It was called Hardcore, and it was filmed right here in San Diego. This would be a little different, since the girl would not be a runaway, but lost because of his own sinful decision. And this would be more violent. And fraught, since he’s dealing with criminals and also an illegal presence in this country.

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