Adam Connel

A couple of alert young guardsmen apprehended a man clothed in four new suits.

A man named Adam Connel, lurking
Behind the shell of what had been
The tailor’s — where his wife was working
When fire’d come like Adam’s sin —
Peeked in. Against the soot, red dapples
Attracted his attention: apples
His wife had left behind, unburned
Somehow and sweet, so Adam turned
And, seeing no one looking, hastened
Within to have a taste. The juice
Was dribbling down his chin like sluice
When Adam saw the suits. They glistened
Like royal robes of silken thread.
So Adam put them on and fled.

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  1. Angelico Nguyen says

    Love that this latter-day Adam was motivated by greed rather than shame to clothe himself.

    Still and all, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  2. A bright shiny apple of a poem.

  3. Crisp and tart to boot.

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