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The Supplement Situation

Where do we stand on this?



  1. So little time was devoted to the Supplement Situation during the presidential debates… I’m not sure I even know what the issues are.

  2. They’re Supplemental issues, is what they are. We have them by mistake.

  3. Well, for me the question is: what supplements are needed in this situation, and are we prepared for however this situation should develop?

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      We should call in the Wolf. If he could handle the Bonnie Situation, he can defuse the Supplement Situation.

      What concerns me is McSweeney’s. A disturbing tendency, there.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    I have no idea what in the hell is going on here. No idea at all. In jokes are all fine and good until you’re not in any more.

    • I thought it was just me. Although I get this one.

      • Quin Finnegan says

        Take A.N.,E., O.P. On the one hand, there’s Angelico, the very sweet Dominican kid, who happens to be sharp attorney with strong literary inclinations. On the other hand, there’s Angelico this … kid, really—just out of his teenage years … made a bad decision earlier this week and took a hit of acid (supplement!) and then types out the likes of the above. Which makes sense only to all the other tripmasters who hang out at this blog.

        Well guys, I don’t do acid anymore. So somebody, please, break down this crazy dreamworld for the uninitiated.

  5. Quin Finnegan says

    Or Angelico, the really bad, even dangerous evil genius, who with his warped intelligence is bent on turning our minds into whipped butter, all the better to butter his toast with.

  6. Jonathan Potter says

    I used to be a situational supplementalist myself.

    • The situation being, “I feel the need for a supplement.”
      In other news, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with a very dirty but, I thought, very funny cartoon in my head. I drew it, showed it to the Wife, and she laughed. I then considered posting it to the Supplemental, but then realized that I didn’t have posting privileges over there. Probably for the best.
      I do think it was funny, though.

  7. Jonathan Potter says

    Angelico is our Saul Goodman.

  8. Being from (near) the Jersey Shore, I’m well aware that The Situation is always in need of a supplement and so took certain steps to make sure that my stamp and lionel train swap meet/trading post would fit the bill. I just didn’t think anyone would find out…


    • Of course when someone came in to trade a Wabash and tender for the Samuel Gompers (1950) block of four, I had to say, “Well, shit man, show me a few Canal Zone beauties and I’ll see what I got!” (I let him know that I had some pre-China built Burlington and Northerns – and we’re not talking the diesels here, either – in the back room but I didn’t let on that I hadn’t seen a NY-built Wabash since Dean Acheson pissed away China – and threw in most of the rest of Southeast Asia for good measure. That’s when he took out the souvenir Washington Senators baseball bat and screamed, “Screw you! Cordell Hull was a Sodomite!”

      The last thing I saw was my own blood spreading like a liquified liver pate across the bluish glass of the display case and the Washington Monument drawn in green ink on the souvenir sheet of the Sixth International Philatelic Exhibition, Washington D.C, (1966) – signed by Laurence O’Brien (U.S. Postmaster General at the time).

      When I came to, everything was cleared out – except of course the uninverted Jennys.

      The fucker.


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