Love is for a lifetime…

…but diamonds are forever.


  1. You’re a sick man.

  2. So, let’s get something straight, you reprimand me for linking to and then you go ahead and post this. Not complaining mind you, just getting things straight.

    Thanks for the humor, by the way.

  3. I once knew a woman who had engraved on her husband’s wedding ring: “Your only way out is in a coffin.”

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    Hey, this one’s not married!

  5. Lilith Itemized*

    (1) Death’s head with lilies jutting through the bone of something large,
    (Expression as harsh and cold as a winter rain unrelenting),
    (2.) Lilies proffered in what appears to be a female pelvic socket,
    (3) A rabbit- or other rodentia-skeleton,
    (4) Pearl-inlaid gold locket rust-smutted shut,
    (5) Chain of something around jawbone of something else (curling like stamens),
    (6. A rose petal in a red urn blown crimson (seeming to resist
    Beauty’s ransom) in an intaglio arch-design held captive there,
    (7) And lastly, rusted petals of an iron rose worked into stone of tomb.

    Thus, doest King Adam enter into possession of his first wife and queen
    By the lists heretofore enunciated for the exclusive use of his royal memory
    At such time that creation might falter in a moment and return to nothing.
    First servant of God and man
    Archang. Lucifer
    Prime Minister of Light for Heaven and Earth
    (8) Addenda (notarized as above):
    Thunder reckons the costs
    (Count — one, two, three , four, five, six, seven)
    Of such captives of the tomb.

    By its onerous sonorous sweep
    Of sky are these things exhumed
    Thus interred in the king’s lists.

    Some storm in the sovereign brain
    Has entered as the kingdom’s wish,
    Come lightning, come thunder . . .

    So, my Lord, you might take to your dead lady
    Her lovely things at last.
    She could not have them at death.

    So you might study star by augur,
    Flowers by color, yet lips
    And eyes, ankles, wrists, hair and all,

    You can consider them as jewelry
    Of a piece. For thunder has sought
    To still the dead at last, my liege.

    And there must be bones
    And inspection of the garden rose,
    The last that will grow this season.

    Saturnine lightning aside,
    Her laughter was something beautiful to the king,
    Though now indistinguishable

    From matted hair, bones and dust
    Exhumations such as these
    Always manage to kick up.

    My Lord and liege, your dead lady –
    She shall live in the lists forever.
    The thunder is going and the lightning is gone.

    You will never love so beautifully
    As you did her.
    The thunder is going.

    Nor love anyone
    With such a beautiful anatomy.
    The lightning is gone.

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