Bird’s Nest in Your Hair

Finally! The third book from Korrektiv Press is now available. I hit the “publish” button a few days ago, and was told the page would be up later this week. My brother called to tell me he’d manage to find it at Amazon today. You can all also get it at CreateSpace (the printing division of Korrektiv Press).

Here’s the description: Diana tends bar at Queequeg’s Tavern, where she meets Pete, a recent retiree always ready with a joke, and Jeb, a homeless student driven by a poet’s Romantic aspirations. Tangled up in a history of the family blues, she sometimes takes refuge in a church she can’t decide to join for good. Tom, the manager of a video store near the tavern, is settling into a new marriage with Helen, an adult film producer wealthy enough to save Tom’s store from impending doom. But when a figure from his past walks through the door, who will save his marriage? Who will help whom as this nest of birds unravels?

Bird’s Nest in Your Hair: a novel about bartending, old-time religion, and the twilight years of commercial pornography. Plus, poetry!

Before the Altar

Two dozen beers on tap and even more in bottles,
and not just beer, but wine and especially booze,
built up on shelves in something like a ziggurat
for a cult dedicated to the certainty of conviction
granted only to drunks in the blindness of an alcoholic
haze. Rituals have their priests; I see you as a high
priestess of drinking, surrounded by the paraphernalia
of your order: corkscrew, strainer and cocktail shaker,
a dozen kinds of glassware handled with a dexterity
demanding devotion, a cloud rising from cigarettes
burned as incense by attendants at your altar.
How well you handle every office—confessions
whispered without sorrow or regret, the jukebox choir,
and a communion of breadsticks and Beaujolais.


  1. Quin,

    Great news. Can’t wait to see the final product!

    Give my regards to all at Queequeg’s!


  2. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    The word ‘breadsticks’ in the poem’s last line kills it. In a good way!

    Congratulations, sir. I eagerly anticipate cracking the spine on this one.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    What is this “video store” you speak of?
    Also, how did you select Beaujolais to end that line?

    • The last word of every line shares a correspondence with the one befoe it:




      cocktail shaker,




      The poet is clearly commenting on those Beaujolais drinkers who will drone on and on about the vintage’s overrated qualities.

      Or he’s reminding us that Beaujolais is the drink of angels.


    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      ‘What is this “video store” you speak of?’

      A whimsical imagining of Michel Gondry — just like the concept of a machine that can erase memories, or a masked vigilante who calls himself the ‘Green Hornet’.

  4. I’m looking forward to my third and far from final reading of this twisted tale.

  5. I just ordered my paperback edition. Thanks!

  6. Quite a roll going on here! Congrats!

  7. Nice. Looking forward to reading it. Who designed the cover? I really like it. We’ll be sure to review this in DT.

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