On the other hand, the satire option might be more fun.


  1. Of course, were I as adept at satire as y’all I might be more kindly disposed.

  2. At least it isn’t women this time.

    40 years…we’ve come along way baby!

    But hey, at least error loves itself some good ol’ religious liberty.

    I think I’ll say a couple Incredulous Mysteries tonight….

    First Mystery: Jesus Creates Sparrows out of Mud Down by the Jordan.

    Our sugar daddy who art in that non-judgmental and really nice place,
    Hallowed be our name,
    Our self-realization come, our progressive potential done
    Here on earth as it is here on earth.
    We’ll take this day, thank you very much – and we want it NOW.


  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    That would be an œcumenical matter.

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