So after summer, autumn makes a feint
To still an afternoon of naked trees
With tensile strength. It only fools the saint –
For we have felt the elemental breeze
That captivates the stripping act of leaves –
The ballets twirl in a furious mess.
From limbs to trunk to crotch, the plumage heaves
Its skirts like virgins dropping out of dress.

Upon the wind, the equinox enjoys
The swelling spheres of music. Perfect curves
Are tilting earthward, baring shoulders – toys
Of sun and shade. The failing daylight starves
Toward solstice – leaves the hungry eye no choice
But feasting on the famine it deserves.


  1. Lovely.

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I like the Madonna reference. Just kidding — “like virgins dropping out of dress” is a fine image. Most of all I love the last three lines and the light/hunger imagery. You’re doing the poet’s fine work of minding the seasons of the earth and soul.

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