For Mel (not THAT Mel).

…instead, the Mel who finds herself craving chicken and waffles when she visits the Korrektiv…

I just finished a tour of San Diego’s offerings in this department. I didn’t get to every joint, but here are four…

Stockdale’s Fine Southern Cuisine (Alabama-style):

Bonnie Jean’s (the sign had fallen over):

Hash House A Go Go:

And of course, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken…

Come visit!


  1. OOOOH!

  2. YUMMO!

  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says


  4. You know what’s funny? I posted my photo from Waffle House, not having seen Mel’s comment OR this post. So now it’s allllllllll up in your face, this conflict, and I really just wanted to post another hot chocolate photo.

    I still am amused by how industriously you are collecting evidence of chicken/waffle joints in California to prove a point about it being a Southern thing.

  5. Who’s trying to prove anything? I’m merely pointing out that a Louisiana-based chain serves it, and also that an Alabama-style Southern food restaurant serves it. I did a roundup for my newspaper, and thought I’d share.

  6. Southern Expat has been after me to comment, but it took a truly inspiring post for me to break down and do so. I have eaten the chicken and waffles at the Hash House A-Go-Go in Vegas and the above photo does it no justice. It is a tower of sage-infused, pan-fried chicken parts atop a stack of rectangular waffles, served with a hot maple reduction. Fancy, yes, but delicious.

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