The Prophet Rises

June 7, 1889

The smoking signal of disaster
Is blanketing the sky and makes
Its message known: the cracked pilaster
And crumbled tombs on Blake’s
Discovered island rumble thunder –
The earth, a curtain, slips from under
The waking ghost of Chief Sealth
Upon the dawn, his day of death,
The seventh day of June, some twenty
And three Duwamish seasons dead,
Has raised a hand above a head
Still crowned in clouds of silver, flinty
As words that sparks his tongue to speak
And cut through smoke on mountain’s peak.


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    Hey yeah, hey yeah, yeah yeah, hey. Hey yeah, hey yeah, yeah yeah, hey.

    This kicks ass. Thanks JOB.

    • The story needed a duel – it also needed an Indian ghost…

      Thanks, Potter. But really, all the honor goes to your wonderful, lore-rich city!

      Can’t wait to visit it someday…


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