Porch of Spirits Lingering

Rosario provides nostalgia’s
Expansive vistas – fit to swell
My younger mind with manly ideas.
(The winters so afflict this isle
Off Puget Sound – it seems too easy
For time and place to freeze. This icy
Report of snow adorns my porch
As much as silver slivers scorch
My head with age…) Though westward going
I heeded Horace Greeley, truth
Be told, in passage northwest, youth
Forgets to trace those rivers flowing
Into a sea so cold it burns,
So wide and deep, no thought returns.


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten most of my Horace, but wouldn’t Moran’s ‘westward going’ have had more to do with Greeley than with Mann?

    A very fine and powerful stanza, though.

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