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Jimmy Goin

“Despite the massive destruction of property only one person was killed by the fire, a young boy named James Goin.” – Wikipedia, “Great Seattle fire”

They say I died that day Seattle’s
Ignited skyline vented sparks
Like starry palimpsests and riddles
Of fire, dispatches from the Sphinx
To night. Such conundrums continue
To linger – the greatest knot to
Untangle, though, is Jimmy Goin –
The other side of mystery’s coin:
How to go about setting fire
To ghosts? First, telegraph the poets
With arson-odes and firebug-sonnets;
Then put Calliope on the wire –
For when she whispered out my name
My pants erupted into flame.


  1. Churchill says:

    Was that you?

  2. Churchill says:

    No, you know who I mean.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says:

      I think there’s some confusion. The arsonist poets are better known by their later sobriquet, ‘the fugitive poets’.

  3. That was fun. Thanks.

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