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JOB reviews Beauty Will Save the World:

The idea of the Church today serving as patron of the arts seems as outmoded as arranged marriages and the divine right of kings. At least, artists in general no longer look to the Church for both guidance and support for their creative endeavors. Given the mostly bankrupt pop-cultural shenanigans that pass for “art” these days, things have come to a sad pass indeed for the artist, the Church and the world in general. So what happened, can it be fixed and if so—how?

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Potter’s poignant poetry:

The day before you died I thought I’d bring
You tulips for your bedside table, bright
Ones, pink and white, to give your gaze a place
To rest, to make your labor seem less harsh.
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And whatshername interviews Friend of this Blog, Amy Welborn:

Sicily was far away and someplace I’d never been and never thought of going. So in a way, it was sort of like “going to” death in this sense. Although I did think about it, fearfully, it was not someplace I took seriously about traveling to—death, that is. It was also someplace that Mike would never, ever have traveled to. I could not imagine it being part of a family journey in the hypothetical land of “If Mike were still alive.” It seemed very far away from life with him, as well, and I suppose I hoped that if I went to Sicily, I wouldn’t be as burdened with the loss.
Didn’t work, of course, since, as I write in the book, even seeing a crucifix made of lava rock festooned with glitter in a souvenir shop on Mount Etna can make you miss your husband just as much as driving by the YMCA where he died back home. Read more…

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  1. We couldn’t come together on the numbers.

    • Southern Expat says

      Well, since we were waiting for the projections from accounting, it was unavoidable. I think outsourcing should be back on the table.

  2. Maybe you can get some help in Mumbai.

  3. You must be a Romney person.

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

    Have a contest so readers can vote off the member of the Korrektiv who produces the least high-quality content between (say) the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the last syllable of Ordinary Time.

    Place bets now!

  5. I would win every time by betting on myself. Without trying I would produce the least high-quality content on every occasion regardless of the Feast of Whatever Day of Obligation My Wife Drags Me To.

    Angelico, you’re a child playing at a man’s game. Your O.P. status won’t save you. In the end violent men will take the kingdom by force.

  6. I wish these posts had a “like” button. That way I could click on it when I don’t have time to read or think of anything substantial to say.


  7. Churchill says

    This is too nasty for Mike.

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