The River and the 50 Hour Slam

So there was this make-a-six-minute-film-in-fifty-hours contest thing …

and there were secret ingredients that had to be incorporated into the films …

and one of the secret ingredients assigned to some of the teams was my poem “The River”

and now you get to vote.

(P.S. My favorite is The Birthday, but I’m rather fond of River Ghosts and Not a Cartoon Moose as well.)


  1. Jonathan Potter says

    The Birthday won the viewer’s choice award at the screening, but I’m hoping River Ghosts and Not a Cartoon Moose make a strong run in the viral vote-off.

    • Jonathan Potter says

      Whispers of the River Ghost is pretty dang cool, too. Bizarre, but worth checking out. You have to listen carefully to pick up on some of the subtleties. I particularly like the opening shot of the guy walking into the river and the closing song with accordion.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Holy crap, Potter: you have attractive young women reading your poems like they matter. You must be, um, gratified.

    Seriously: congratulations. You’re part of a community that apparently sets artistic goals and brings them to fruition. That must be so cool.

  3. Jonathan Potter says

    “… attractive young women …”

    Yes, as you’ll recall, that is the demographic you were supposed aim your blurb at.

  4. My artistic goal for the Korrektiv community is to produce a remake of Gone with the Wind with existential twists involving sex and despair and financed by that guy at the Saddleback church. Idris Elba from the cop show Luther will play Rhett Butler. Various girls from the Spokane films can play various belles like Scarlet O’Hara and Olivia De Havilland. Charliz Theron will play Ashley Wilkes because she looks so much like the real Ashley (but less beautiful).

    Young Adult, now THAT was an interesting film.

  5. In the Korrektiv Filmfest, here are the categories to choose from:

    Category A
    Must be filmed in a town that begins with the letter S

    Category B
    Must feature at least one connected earlobe.

    Category C
    One of the following must be recited at length:
    A. House of Words
    B. Swimming with Scapulars

    Category D
    Must feature one of the following:
    A. Webb reading Das Kapital.
    B. Lickona reading God and Man at Yale
    C. Potter reading the liner notes to a Carpenters album
    D. JOB reading Rod McKuen and/or James Carroll
    E. Quin Finnigan reading the Meese Report
    D. Southern Ex Pat reading 50 Shades of Gray

    Category E
    Must have a word that contains the letter C intentionally misspelled with a K.

    Category F
    Historical Component:
    A. Angelico dressed as a Vietnamese Warlord with Papal Vestments
    B. Cubeland dressed as Anthony of Egypt with a Pocket Protector clipped to his cowl.
    C. Churchill dressed as Milton Friedman in a Sombrero


  6. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks JOB, you’re obviously on the vanguard of the neo-new wave movement up there in Green Acres country.

    I think you should add eating only animals you’ve named to Category F.


  7. This. is. the. coolest. thing. ever.

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