Last remaining privately held “Scream” coming up for auction.  Let’s all pool our resources.  I’ve got $10 and this cool-looking rock…

Also:  I didn’t know that there were four versions.

Also:  I did this fun diorama when I was in high school.  It was marvelously high-flown.  Part of it included a wall that was bursting forth into Munch’s scream.  He was reacting to a fellow sitting in contemplation of the three crosses on Golgotha.


  1. Semi-related: Dare we hope that David Foster Wallace is enjoying his 50th birthday?

    (Unless and until korrekted by a competent authority, I do so dare to hope.)

  2. I’ve got .05. I’m in.

  3. p.s. you all now need a Lenten Pandora station. I just noticed this feature. You all are definitely one stop shopping.

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