Inter: Ference

I seem to be running into Ference a lot.


BTW: The Franciscan Sister who threw the Boss into the trashcan was Sister Martina, who by the time I attended was principal of St. Rose. And, yes, she was all that. Fearfully wrought and simmering with equal parts love of God and Dies Irae…

The priest who allegedly knocked the Boss down while serving Mass could very well have been Monsignor (then-Father) Thomas Coffey, who retired from active ministry in 1990. I too served under him, a meaty Irish priest with an inscrutible depth of reserve – even for a descendant of Hibernia… It is this which makes me wonder either a) what Mr. Springsteen could have done to warrant arousing the emotions of Msgr. Coffey or b) perhaps it was not Msgr. Coffey at all, but some anonymous assistant pastor.

BTB: Note that DT is under new management and y’all could do worse than subscribe to the magazine if you haven’t already. Lots of good stuff in this issue, which is, as always, a gorgeous gift to the eyes, the ears and the mind…

Also, the new look to the website – what can I say? It’s built for speed…!


  1. Quin Finnegan says

    I think Darkness and Nebraska are my favorite albums of his, and after reading this article I can see it’s no coincidence that he was reading O’Connor at the time. Seems like Springsteen has taken in more Steinbeck recently … I think he should get back to the O’Connor. Or maybe Waugh. I’d like to see what Springsteen could do with Eveyln Waugh.

    • Could you imagine what the two would have to say to each other?


      St. Therese Lisieux and Nietzsche
      Savanarola and John Stewart/Steve Colbert
      Art Linkletter and Samuel Beckett
      Ted Bundy and G.K. Chesterton
      Steve Martin and Pius X
      Aaron Burr and Don Knotts
      Margaret Sanger and Cubeland Mystic



      • Jonathan Webb says

        Darkness and Nebraska are my favorites too.

        Great post. Being from New Jersey seems like a bond deeper than blood.

      • Quin Finnegan says

        Auden used to play a game in which he’d pair up a couple of public intellectuals and strand them on a desert island—an early version of Celebrity Survivor, I suppose. Kierkegaard and Ronald Knox was one pairing I think.

        Good money says that St. Therese Lisieux is nursing the poor professor from Basel back from mente praecioso to mente sano, even as we read them now.

        • It’s actually been a bit of a work in progress (in my mind anyway) to write a short story whereby St. Therese and Nietzsche meet on an elevator in a famous Paris hotel. In fact, the story would be weighted by historical fact; the saint was staying at this hotel (a stop over, I think, on her famous trip to Rome and the Pope) at the same time as the philosopher. There was some mention made in her autobiography, I believe, about being fascinated with the elevators and getting lost on them. Would it be so far fetched to think that upon boarding one of these elevators she ran into Him Himself, Mr. Dynamite and the Rest of You Suck?

          She was only about – what 16 at the time – I think. But still…


  2. It’s a lovely cover.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    That would be a great story, JOB.

    I had an idea of building a time machine and bringing S.K. back to be the colorman on Monday Night Football.

  4. Churchill says

    I’m sad to have lost my copy, or someone took it, which is worse. Please can I order another? I’ll pay for the extra copy. Thanks.

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