Official Publicity Shot of Gerasene 12


  1. That’s exactly two more SHIKAs than I would have been inclined to give it.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      That’s cuz you drink gin martinis, and have to worry about bruising the gin. JOB’s a vodka man, and likes it so cold that it’s gelatinous – hence the heavy shika action.

      • I wish you’d stop spreading this slanderous, scandalous rumour that I’m in the Vodka distillers’ back pocket. I mean I am. But I’m also paying all the (im)proper obsequies to the juniper juicers….

        As I already told you, with Plymouth Gin, either 1 or more than 2, and with Monopolowa/Luksosowa vodka, 1,2,3,4,5 (where’s the sideways “8” that signifies “infinity” on the keyboard…?)…


    • The elipses indicate that the SHIKA’s go on for a while, changing rhythm, introducing counterpoint and eventually ending in a Stravinskian firebird of rhythmic passion.


      • Ooh. I overlooked the ellipses. Probably because I was worrying about what you were going to do with that tacky glue on your counter. Is that so you don’t drop the giant glass?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    “We’re gonna need a bigger glass.”

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the… ‘water’.

      JOB, did you look for an olive that was to scale with the glass? It would probably take at least half a pimiento.

      • Angelico,

        The apple-sized olive has not yet been developed to perfection by the mad scientismists at the University of Wisconsin-MADison. The version they have come up with after injection fetal stem cells still causes, upon consumption, anal polyps to form between one’s toes, and damned if they can figure out a way around that particularly sticky wicket.

        So instead I took a page from the Chaos Theory playbook and multiplied units until they resembled the base unit itself in form.

        At any rate, you can see there are three honking queen pim-stuffed olives clustering at the bottom of the glass. The two-gallon glass jar full of such olives, unfortunately not pictured, was commensurate to the economy of scale with which I was working.


        • Cubeland Mystic says

          If a breast shaped olive could be developed, do you think there would be a tie-in to Augustin’s Member?

          Perhaps a pair of olive-breasts appear in his martini called Buub-el. Olives are the right shape, use your imagination for the pimento. There is a tie in to the word bubble there too since it is floating in a liquid. Sorry Matthew just riffing on your theme.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    All smiles, but cross that property line and you’re a dead man.

  4. Jonathan Potter says

    This is another one where the party takes place in the comments. The photo is but the ice breaker.

  5. Jonathan Potter says

    The dollar bill suggests JOB might be about to launch into his Chippendales routine.

  6. The shaker is full of Culver’s milkshake, yes?

  7. I’m just wondering who is the Demoniac at this conference….

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