The Second Coming Coming Soon?

In today’s Daily Beast, an offhand mention in Stephen Farber’s review of Pina might catch the eyes of Walker Percy fans. (Of whom many surely must also be Wim Wenders fans, nicht wahr?)

“For years he has been hoping to make a film of Walker Percy’s novel, The Second Coming, and it may actually come to fruition soon.”

Wow! Wowie wow wow wow. (Stole that from Quin who stole it from Christopher Walken.)


  1. Wait a second! Second Coming coming soon?

    I’d also like someone make the movie The Moviegoer – go or not, I would like to see it made.

    One movie for sure that sould be made, perhaps the last – The Last Gentleman, gentleman Jonathan.

    Also, I’d love Love in the Ruins. Ruins it every time, though, to think of anyone less than Sam Waterston playing Tom More.

    Here’s one at which to give more than a glance – Lancelot – A lot of people would go see that, I’m sure.

    Finally, some writer should approach Hollywood producers on another of his books and talk it up with a full-throated white-hot movie pitch – certainly something more than a toss – Thanatos Syndrome. Rome or Paris might turn it down, but not Hollywood.

    OK. I’ll stop.


  2. Anything you’re unhappy with, you could have changed.

  3. And why all this anti German stuff?

    • Jonathan Potter says

      Huh? What are you talking about, Churchill? I love Wim Wenders and I’m half German.

      • Are you trying to remind me of the Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty? I’m half German, in a sense; I doubt you are.

        • Sorry, I hadn’t known what the film was about, but just looked it up. It sounds nasty. I’d thought Wenders was sentimental but quite moral.

  4. Yowza! (To quote myself.) That is something … I’m not sure how well Second Coming would play as a movie, although I can certainly see how Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams would spur him on. The temptation to make a bad flashback sequence out of Will’s memories of his father might be too much. Good of Churchill to mention ‘The Goalie’s Anxiety,’ a Wenders movie based on a book by Peter Handke (who later wrote much of the screenplay for ‘Wings of Desire’) … Handke translated a Percy book or zwei into German.

    I was interested in this: “[Wenders] made a splash at the same time that two other new directors—Werner Herzog and Rainer Werner Fassbinder—were helping to revitalize their country’s movie business. Fassbinder died almost 30 years ago, while Herzog is still thriving.” RWF may be dead, but 30 some odd years ago he managed to make a masterpiece every six months or so … the recently released Despair (screenplay by Tom Stoppard, based on the Nabokov novel) is one minor example. Would that he were around to direct The Moviegoer … that would be something.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Why couldn’t you just open with the scene with his father? And why couldn’t you flash back? As long as there was no voiceover?

  5. Southern Expat says

    What’s the name of the guy who is writing the screenplay for the latest version of The Moviegoer? Or is that a secret?

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