Guest Post #3

Third Daughter’s double-portrait of her male progenitor:“Still Life with Keyboard”


“The Wreck of the Medusa, Papa and Three Culver Milk Shakes”


  1. What’s that thing on her neck?

    • Churchill,

      That’s actually suuposed to be me (in a shorn state) and I’m not sure but I think that’s supposed to be a double cheeseburger with bacon attached by velcro for easy access.


  2. Thanks for telling me, but I’ve just had too much pizza.

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    I wouldn’t compare anything one gets in England to pizza.

    • hmm. I must admit that I never ate at Pizza Express when I was over there this past summer, but there was one Italian place in Oxford that made a great personal sized pie.
      You’re probably right on the whole, though.

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    So, the drawing suggests that you’ve used a laptop computer.

    • I think it’s my laptop with my office computer behind it.

      (My daughter drew the thing when she spent the day in the office with me due to an orthodontist’s appointment she had to attend.)


  5. Love the Culver’s touch. No McCafe for this incident of pure gluttony.

  6. Nice portraits. Have you lost weight?

  7. Jonathan Potter says

    These are super. I’m glad to finally find out what JOB looks like.

    Nice product placement, too. Monetization anyone? This ought to be good for at least a complementary milkshake.

    I’d never heard of Culver’s before. We must not have ’em hereabouts.

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