“If you’re to die, we’re here to make sure you’re prepared.”


The Argument
The devils forge a second feint,
Unfolding with the death of day –
And so the past returns to haunt,
Abiding time to catch its prey.


  1. If I’m to die, wouldn’t you be writing better poems? But thanks.

  2. Or is this supposed to be farce?

    • Double oof!

      • Matthew Lickona says

        The rare “lemon juice in the paper cut” maneuver!

        • I’m sure that’s a funny comment in America, but, as a group of young people I know said today, Americans aren’t funny, we don’t ‘get’ American humour, Friends perhaps, but not much else.

          • Well, JOB said, ‘Double Oof!’ indicating that he had been dealt one blow, and then another. If I were to give someone a paper cut, that would hurt, the way a cutting comment might hurt. If I were to then pour lemon juice in the paper cut, that would hurt even more, the way a crushing comment on top of a cutting comment might hurt. I don’t know if it’s funny, but it might be considered a propos.

        • Incidentally, I squeezed the pus and lemon juice mixture into my tears, stirred it all into a bit of bottom rail gin, and had a grand old time at my pity party. No one was there. It was perfect. “The event of the season,” I heard it mentioned afterwards.


  3. I was joking, although the comments were real, but it wasn’t funny. I was nervous, but feel more serious today.

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