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Dappled Things – new edition, new website

Dappled Things has a new edition out, with a lengthy, insightful interview with Heather King about her new book, Shirt of Flame – and lots more goodies. Poetry, art, essays, fiction, chimichanga – no?

We took those out at the last minute?

Well, come for the nonexistent chimichangas, stay for the actual literary content.

Feelin’ a little punchy! It must be my excitement over joining their team as Web Editor. Under an assumed name, of course.

Anyway, take a look at the new website, subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Facebook! Twitter! Email newsletter! And, best of all, SUBSCRIBE TO THE PRINT EDITION!


  1. Well…I guess I’m going to have to subscribe. I got mad at Dappled Things long ago when their submission guidelines suggested I was too old to submit anything, but if they’re publishing poems about youth leaving the party, maybe I can relate.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OP says

      Maybe you should start your own Catholic literary magazine, Ms Duffy, with submission guidelines that exclude the too-young rather than the too-old. Possible title: ‘Goldengrove’.

    • I remember that, too, when there was a clock ticking, counting down the minutes until I was Too Old For Dappled Things. Just one of those stages we all have to go through.

  2. That’s a nice cover. Do you plan to send out copies to those of us who’ve paid for subscriptions? And can I get a copy of the last one, too.

  3. We need a “this is a more direct way of saying what JOB tried to say so failingly a few posts earlier.”

    Or is that too long?

    I should be more straightforward, shouldn’t I?

    But then I’d have my poetic license revoked, and THAT wouldn’t be a good thing, would it?

    [Everyone else: Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Churchill: Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!]

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