Do We Know What Binx Bolling Looks Like?

This question arose among the kollektiv the other day, while we were all sitting in our hotel room in Reno where we’re holed up working on our presentations for the Moviegoer conference.

Well, here’s what Binx says:

“I am a tall black-headed fellow and I know as well as he [i.e., Gregory Peck] how to keep to myself, make my eyes fine and my cheeks spare, tuck my lip and say a word or two with a nod or two.”

And then there’s Sam Waterston, who was cast to play Binx in the movie adaptation which never came to be:

And then there’s the tall (formerly) black-headed fellow named Jonathan Webb. If you want to see what he looks like, you’ll have to meet us in New Orleans.


  1. Sam looks nice and I’m sure Jonathan looks nice, but he can’t look as good as Gregory Peck.

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