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Binx casting, unorthodox submission

He’s born and raised in Memphis…


  1. Matthew Lickona says:

    Could not seduce a prostitute, let alone a good Southern girl.

    • Southern Expat says:

      Forget who he IS for a minute…

      I don’t know; is Binx supposed to be super-handsome? Or super-charming, regardless of looks?

      • Southern Expat says:

        Okay, fine, you’re right.

        I don’t really understand why this is so difficult given that I know so many people who are Binx…y. Binx-esque. Binxish.

        • Matthew Lickona says:

          Because Hollywood has never understood the South. See also: the casting for (and everything else about) the recent film version of All the King’s Men.

          • cf, also, apparently, the remake of Straw Dogs.

            • Southern Expat says:

              Now, see, that has nothing whatsoever to deal with the normal people South. Hollywood only understands swamps and golf courses, and those poorly.

              • Matthew Lickona says:

                Ha ha you said “normal people South.”

                • Southern Expat says:

                  See, you’re the person Hollywood’s catering to, aren’t you? You’re the reason we have Sookie Stackhouse and that Will Smith golfing movie but nothing that shows men who wear sportcoats for no other reason than a Thursday afternoon – sans serial killing mountain man investigation.

                  • Matthew Lickona says:

                    Just call me Yankee.

                  • Cubeland Mystic says:

                    Hi Expat
                    I work with southerners from India to the Carolinas and it seems there is a global bias to stereotype and be mean to southerners. It’s like this. I am at a big on-site meeting. I am sitting at the table, and here comes Sanjeev with Meganathan whom I never met. So they sit down and we are making small talk so I ask Meganthan where he’s from and Sanjeev gets all northern condescending and says “No no, you can’t tell Meganathan is a southerner?” Then he laughs all superior like because he’s from Delhi (like you can’t tell). So in my head, I am all like How am I suppose to know dude? I could tell Meganathan felt bad about his southern heritage at that point. A few minutes later I got rid of Sanjeev. Afterward Meganathan thanked me for getting rid of Sanjeev, and gave me the MoonPie his wife put in his lunch.

                    • Southern Expat says:

                      I was completely on board with this story but now I have decided you are pulling my leg, due to the MoonPie reference.

                      Are there cities in which “the south side” doesn’t mean “the less desirable side”?

                    • Cubeland Mystic says:


                      It’s always a north south thing. Cites counties countries whatever. I don’t know why. Maybe because the tracks all run east to west. Who knows. Other examples the northern Italians hate the southern Italians. Northern Californians hate southern Californians. Consider the Sudan. The Sudanese Yankees opened a whole can of whoop-ass on the southern rebel Sudanese. Everyone knows that arrogance rolls down hill so maybe that is why?

                      Seriously Meganathan was giving me ride home in his “Judge”, and we’re just sitting there listening to Free Bird, and I’m playing with his Ganesha bobble head on the dash, and all of a sudden he says “Mystic, For I want to give at you dis MoonPie from wife.” He’s got that thick Tamil drawl going. So I took it and ate it.

                      These things happen to me what can I say?

                    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says:

                      Cubeland Mystic, please report back with Meganathan’s thoughts on the casting of ‘The Moviegoer’s’ Kollywood adaptation.

      • I kept thinking Ewan McGregor. But he’s too old now.

  2. Churchill says:

    My mother lived in Memphis for a short time when she was a child.

  3. Southern Expat says:

    I am starting to feel this is a fruitless exercise.

    Churchill, would your mother be interested in posing for a fake Aunt Emily Facebook profile photo?

  4. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says:

    I’m from Arkansas, but am also TAGGED WITH: HALF-ASIANNESS. Probably not up for the role of Binx Bolling, no matter how unorthodox the casting. Unless the movie is done in motion-capture, latter-day-Zemeckis style.

  5. Cubeland Mystic says:

    This is dedicated to Lickona

  6. Cubeland Mystic says:

    This is dedicated to Texpat. I hope you appreciate the irony.

  7. Jonathan Potter says:

    No wonder email has been so quiet today.

  8. Jonathan Webb says:

    Good choice.

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