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And yet, not a tear does the Gray Lady shed for China…

 “About one hour later, the van stopped in the hospital. As soon as I was drug out of the van, I saw hundreds of pregnant moms there — all of them just like pigs in the slaughterhouse. Immediately I was drug into a special room, and without any preliminary medical examination, one nurse did an oxytocin injection intravenously. Then I was put into a room with several other moms.

“The room was full of moms who had just gone through a forced abortion. Some moms were crying, some moms were mourning, some moms were screaming, and one mom was rolling on the floor with unbearable pain. …”

p.s. Joe Biden, call your conscience.




  1. I don’t believe the testimony.

  2. That’s a reference to Simone de Beauvoir, isn’t it?

    • Good for you, Churchill. After all, one mustn’t believe everything one reads, must one?

      Gray Lady is a monicker for The New York Times, which in giddier times would have been considered America’s newspaper of record.

      Today, it is the fishwrap of record.


  3. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says:

    Meanwhile, on the other end of the Chinese social spectrum, some well-to-do and rather independent women are negotiating the constraints of the One-Child Policy, and endorsing the old Chinese cultural preference for sons over daughters (and for mothers of sons over mothers of daughters), by… choosing to abort daughters.

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