A fine piece at The Onion‘s AV Club


Are indie films unfair to Christianity?


  1. Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

    Letter from Myrna Minkoff to Ignatius J. Reilly in ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’, written circa 1961-1964:

    ‘Although it will be a low-budget number, the script itself is chock full of disturbing truths and has the most fascinating tonalities and ironies. […] There is a sick, reactionary villain in the script, an Irish landlord […]. The landlord lives in this little womb-room whose walls are covered with pictures of the Pope and stuff like that. In other words, the audience will have no trouble reading him as soon as they get one glimpse at that room.’

  2. Southern Expat says

    You have to steel yourself against the temptation to read any of the comments if you want to get out of there alive.

  3. No, please, go read the comments. One of the best comment sections in the AV Club in a long time. It helps to read the handles out loud and savor them in order to ease you through the sentence structures of some of the lesser minds. The self conscious references to the major bullet points of the culture war meta-narrative are hilarious. It’s a mockery within a mockery of any freshman dorm discussion on the social value of religion. It almost makes me want to read the AV Club on a more regular basis again, but then I’d have to face that near occasion of sin known as Dan Savage.

    • Angelico Nguyen, Esq., OPL says

      Did you ever hear Dan Savage’s piece for ‘This American Life’?


      I heard it just once, but it stuck. It’s a wrenching, haunting (and haunted) 16 minutes, well worth a listen if you’re up to it. Savage was Raised Catholic, and loathes the Church — yet can’t leave her alone. Here’s how the website describes the piece:

      ‘Dan Savage points a finger at the Catholic Church for being the kind of criminal organization that drives him to atheism — despite the fact that he still wants to believe he’ll see his mom in heaven someday.’

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks Matthew.

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