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Tomato water Bloody Mary.  Unbloody Mary?  A White Martyr?

[Drink courtesy of the most excellent Cosgroves of Pasadena.]


  1. What, no recipe?

    Well, then tease away, why don’t you?


    • Matthew Lickona says:

      As I recall, we pureed 8 pounds of tomatoes along with 2 English cucumbers and some horseradish. Maybe something else, too – ah yes, two celery sticks. Then we let that drain through cheesecloth for four hours or so. Then we took it and shook it with vodka.

  2. Cubeland Mystic says:

    It looks like new wine.

    Hey JOB do you make wine?

    • I do not, but my bro in lo and I are threatening to open a stovetop still. And more graspable still would be a hard cider operation.

      My father in law occasionally makes dandelion wine, too.


  3. Cubeland Mystic says:

    You know we should make wine? Korrektiv Vineyards

  4. Gosh, I miss that pool. And the little trapezoid of lawn that I secrely call my own – replete with cigarettes, liquor and tolerant women, of course.

    Here’s to serendipity!


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