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Poem I Just Found in a Box

“Ode to Chocolate”
composed in 1997 at a teacher workshop, possibly as a group effort.

Shall I compare thee to vanilla cream?
Thou art more yummy and tempered.
Hot sun does ripen your bitter bean
Which in a pod is centered.

The machete which brings a sudden pain
Divides the bean from brothers.
Your tree so nurtured in a forest of rain
Surpasses any others.

I have journed (sic) to Quito, Kuala Lampur,
The shores of Madagascar
To seek the bean I so adore
The liquor you don’t buy at a bar.

Your years of silent fermentation
Prepare you for my table
We have become a “Chocolate Nation,”
We eat it when’er able.

I think that I have never seen
A nib so lovely as cacao bean.

Garrison Keillor, have your people call my people.


  1. Southern Expat for Poet Laureate!

  2. Jonathan Webb says:

    Recalls the best of Donne.

  3. Keillor does have the joke show….

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