WARNING: Gratuitous Football Posting

But for good reason – as this man (#81)…

…who played with these guys (that’s him on the left)…

….and on this team…


…put the “Robustelli” in the term “Robust Defense” and made “DEE-fense” a backlot – if not household – word.

 Andy Robustelli (1925-2011).

The NYT says this.

But the Newark Star Ledger’s vet Jerry Izenberg better captures the spirit of the moment that lasted from 1956 until 1964.  


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    When men were men to be sure.

    God bless you for that post.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    I hereby proclaim that all sports related postings, whether little league, major league or bush league, will be considered perfectly within context and appropriate under penalty of death.

    –Korrektiv Sports Desk.

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