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The opposite of Amish

Excuse me while I boil my eyeballs.


  1. jen ambrose says:

    How boring popular music would be without Al

    • That was actually really clever. Didn’t know he still had it in him.

      • The getting it done was a soap opera in itself.

        First the Gag said yes WAY could use it. Then she said no WAY couldn’t do it. Then Gag’s managers said yes if you pay us. Then Gag said no but yes if she sees it first. Then… Blah blah blah gagaga…


  2. Oh, yeah, super-clever. Just also super-creepy, with the face imposed on the female dancer…and the fact that it’s about Lady GaGa.

    Really like the “express yourself” bit.

  3. Jonathan Potter says:

    Occasionally — as in this case — Weird Al’s parody becomes a work of art in its own right.

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