On the other hand, words are only nominally important…

Writer Tom Piatak, one of the last of the true conservatives (although I doubt he’d be proud to bear this appositive at the present time), scores a direct hit on today’s conservativism – how it abetted sodomite marriage and how it’s slow but increasingly accelerated accretion of moral atrophy found its roots in the queering of its vision (pardon the pun).

This passage [of legalized sodomite marriage in New York State] helps explain why the conservative movement has been relatively successful in defending the economic interests of Wall Street billionaires, but an abject failure in conserving much of anything, including a definition of marriage that reflected not only the wisdom of millennia of human thought but what until only recently had been the overwhelming moral consensus of Americans.

Let your lower intestinal complaints begin their slow churn as you read the rest of the obit-in-progress here.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Beautiful. Thanks.

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