1. Jonathan Webb says

    Don’t obsess. After the revolution EVERYONE will be reading HOW.

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Will somebody please check out the man’s book?

  3. Jonathan Webb says

    I requested it that it be ordered by my library system. It’s top flight poetry and anyone who doesn’t check it out and keep it overdue is crazy.

    • Just so you know, Soldiers Grove Library has a copy on hand.

      I’ll let you know if it’s checked out.


  4. I shall do the same. I am paid to shelve the books at my local library and I will use whatever influence comes with that to make sure a copy is purchased. Hey, if I could get them to buy Zmirak’s the Grand Inquisitor…who knows?

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Nice work, Paul. I think Zmirak’s work would work nicely as a play. One set, the mental hospital, with all the outside events projected onto a screen behind them – maybe animated.

      • Jonathan Potter says

        I’m hoping to land a movie deal for House of Words, too.

        • Matthew Lickona says

          Seems right. I’ll play the limerick.

          • Jonathan Potter says

            I had you dubbed for the role of Brad Pitt in the role of Jonathan Potter.

          • Who will play the poem that introduces the MacGuffin? – the MacGuffin being, of course, the word “word/s.”

            It shoud be someone like Petter Sellers who can play a gamut of roles well.

            Matthew, what’s the brother doing these days? I see him playing “You and I” to the hilt – maybe a heavy shot of Harvey Keitel, mellowed a bit with a splash of Tom Hanks – and topped off with a Dom Deluise garnish.


          • Jonathan Potter says

            He do the police in different voices.

            (This is a reply to JOB. Apparently WordPress only lets the replies go four layers deep.)

    • Jonathan Potter says

      Thanks Paul. If it helps, you can tell them the author is a librarian and that they should do right by one of their own.

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Is being a librarian similar to being a Mason?

    • Southern Expat says

      Once again, this is my favorite site on the Internet.

    • Mr. Webb,

      If you notice, there is no occurrence of the number “33” in the Dewey Decimal System.

      And Mr. Potter can verify this, I’m sure, but I believe all librarians wear their aprons under their notorious “magic underwear.”

      Then on Guy Fawkes Day, they sacrifice Catholic Virgins, Aztec-style, in the basement of the Library of Congress, too.

      I don’t know what all this adds up to, Mr. Webb, but it does give one pause, doesn’t it?


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