See? We can all just get along.

I mean, if PBR can sponsor NPR…


  1. …then Hamms becomes the new Perrier – and the land of skyblue waters replacing that bullshit about some spring in Vergeze.

    …and Blatz becoming it’s official sponsor renames the film festival at Cannes “Cans!”.

    …and Schlitz makes the bearded Dos Equus guy look boring and dull compared to “The Gasiest Man in the World”.

    …and Genesee sponsors the next Earth Day – renaming it “Churnin’ Dirt Day”.

    …and Rainier becomes official sponsor of the Olympics – and to spite its arch-rival renames it the Rainierics.



  2. ImeldaJean says
  3. Jonathan Webb says

    More here (adult content):

    Best post in years.

    then watch the second one. same warning as above^^

  5. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks for the big laugh. That’s good splicing.

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