From the Korrektiv’s Anonymous Senate Sources (K-ASS)Files

“See, the beard is a moving target because he dyes it all the time,” Inhofe said. “And the pictures we had older pictures had a black beard. His beard this time was a little bit shorter and it was more salt-and-pepper. You could tell it’s probably the actual color of the beard. Now, what he was dressed in, some of these were just headshots so you only had the head shot. Only two of them showed that he was partially, I would say you would call underwear on, that was about it.” – Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) after seeing death photos of Bin Laden.



  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Something about the banality of evil?


  2. Jonathan Potter says

    Or a literary exercise gone too far?

    • Too, as you say, is not the excessive form of the farness of far, unless it’s too nearly much, more or less, to say too far. Otherwise, in other words, what you would call far, would be called a waistband too, what we call in the Sooner state that place called, deep.


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    What about the plugs?

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