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Untouchables Revisited

Mark decided to play Malone as a man filled with frustrated rage. I decided to play Ness as a man capable of human emotion. Kamerawerk by Kommentariat member Imelda Jean.


  1. Jonathan Webb says:

    That was actually pretty darn good. Kudos boys.

  2. ImeldaJean says:

    I liked how Mark’s Irish-American cop is the one who seems ill at ease in a Catholic church.

  3. Jonathan Potter says:

    What is the chair you have Ness sitting in? Seems sort of priestly. The judgement seat? Confessional?

  4. Jonathan Potter says:

    Y’all should do another one with Kierkegaard playing the part of Malone and Percy as Ness — going after Hegel. “The Copenhagen Way”

    • Matthew Lickona says:

      “He pulls a zeitgeist, you pull a pilgrim. He puts all of humanity in a historical pattern, you put one man in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. That’s the Copenhagen Way, and that’s how you get Hegel.”

      • Your next challenge, Fratres Lickona: Mystery Men – Matthew as The Shoveler and Mark as Mr. Furious.


      • A-ha, but of course he’ll outsmart you by merely deriving the synthesis from your antithesis and his own orginal thesis!

        No, rather, you must get all Aquinas-nuclear on his ass and establish with a syllogical hammer blow of finality that being IS, even in the case of contingent particulars, and especially in the case of the contingent particular that drove a spike through human history, a spike that even now precipitates the ever ancient, ever new cries of “Folly!” from the pagans and “Blasphemy!” from the Jews.

        Otherwise, what will you have – except your phenomena hanging in the wind like a smear of particularly trenchant Limberger?


  5. Jonathan Webb says:

    But you live by Wednesday afternoon, you die by Wednesday afternoon. That’s what happened to Malone. And Hegal died of historical pattern in the Alcatraz hospital ward. So there.

  6. This never would have worked if you hadn’t cut your hair.

  7. You guys are pretty fine actors. More, please.

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