1984 in 2011

O’Brien has been torturing Winston Smith for a long, long time, breaking down his personhood along with his body. This is Smith’s last hurrah before the final defeat. Originally played with Richard Burton as O’Brien and John Hurt as Smith.


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Pretty good acting and framing. Good job guys.

    Great choice.

  2. Love Mark’s fleshy-yet-skeletal visage.

    Now do Mystery Men! Shoveler! Mr. Furious! The whole bit!


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    What about The Sphinx?

  4. You guys keep making my day. Seriously, you’re better than most of what passes for Christian drama these days. Get some funding; make a movie.

  5. Jonathan Potter says

    Wasn’t that a scene from the Lickona brothers’ childhood?

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