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“You and I” Goes Viral

Well, not quite … but … well … since February 28 when it got the Garrison Keillor treatment on The Writer’s Almanac, a few kind folks have kicked it along. Bossy Betty reposted it! And Meredith mentioned it! And Jim Carmin tweeted about it! And Mark Shea enjoyed it!

Thanks y’all!

Update: This girl reposted the poem on her tumblr blog, p.g.o.a.t.

Update on the update: jojoware reblogged it!

Further updates:


  1. Jonathan Webb says:

    It’s gotten lots of “hits” on the “internet.”

  2. Churchill says:

    Odd that I don’t know any of these people, although there is something familiar about all of them.

  3. Jonathan Webb says:

    You’ve met them at various academic conferences on the public dime, don’t you remember?

    Of course your parents generation will be eating dog food. No worries as long as you can jet set around discoursing on Derrida.

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