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Day Late, etc.

Given that the dominant themes of last night’s Super Bowl commercials were mainstreaming hip-hop and meta-commercials, I guess Eminem’s explanation of why he doesn’t do commercials while he did a commercial for Brisk was the winner. Still, Eminem – corporate shill. I don’t care if it is on behalf of Detroit.


  1. Southern Expat says

    I actually thought the Chrysler commercial was awesome, except for the fact that Chrysler is owned by the U.S. government. If it had been a commercial for Ford (who rejected bailout money), I would have loved it.

    • Matthew Lickona says

      Well, government has been propping up industry in this country since forever – just ask most farmers.

      • Southern Expat says

        This is true – perhaps, then Eminem’s selling-out was a metaphor for Chrysler selling-out, making the commercial all the more apropos?

  2. Jonathan Potter says

    I didn’t watch it, not even the commercials. Do I need to have my testosterone levels checked?

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