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Hello world!

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  1. You’re on the right track. Looks fabo. I like the white lettering on dark stoney background. Maybe darken up the white just a tad bit, though? Not sure.

  2. My three-year-old came up with “dark white” as a color descriptor the other day.

  3. That did it for some reason. like I said, my computer is no doubt at fault.

    I like the floaty feel of the whole thing – like a landspeeder in blogdom.

    Where’s the chips and dip though?


  4. Yeah, looks great. I like the slightly smaller font size for the title, only because more content is visible right off the bat. I also like the white lettering, as well as the “o” on its own. I might even go further and return the “K” to its original state of white or dark white or whatever it was. Maybe make it a regular K, and put the logo K at the top of the sidebar … I don’t feel especially strong about this, but that’s my impression.

    I also like the Georgia font for the titles as well as the content; it just seems to flow a little more smoothly when it’s all the same.

    Thanks, Dorian!

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