Amazon writes: “We’ll run a four-hour Black Friday Lightning Deal on “Mad Men” seasons one through three at $7.99 each on DVD and at $9.99 each on Blu-ray if we get 50,000 people to click the ‘Like’ button on the Movies & TV Facebook page by Thanksgiving.”

So far they’re up to around 13,000. Just letting folks know.

ALSO: I once used the microfinance site to finance part of a comic-book project I was working on. A couple of days ago, I heard from this fellow, asking if maybe I could help spread the word about his project. It seemed interesting and ambitious. Here’s the video:

Based in Dripping Springs, TX!

So now you know.


  1. Jonathan Webb says


  2. Rufus McCain says

    The Glitch thing looks promising, interesting.

    I watched the first two episodes of Mad Men and it didn't grab me. On the strength of your endorsement (and that of my cousin and his wife who loaned us their copy of Season 1) I'm going to watch a few more and see.

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