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I shall incorporate this into my every posting, with a sigh

So what is the Sensitive Female Chord Progression, exactly? It’s simple enough for the music theory-inclined: vi-IV-I-V. No good? Well, for a song in the key of A minor, it would be Am-F-C-G. Still confused? Here’s an easy way to see if a song uses the chord progression: Just sing Osborne’s lyrics, “What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us?” over the suspect four chords. If it fits, you’ve just spotted one in the wild. Once you’re attuned to it, you’ll hear it everywhere.

From Marc Hirsh’s Striking a Chord


  1. Quin Finnegan says:

    Osborne's line, "just a slob, iike one of us …" always seemed like a cut-rate version of a great passage from Love in the Ruins:

    In the dark mirror there is a dim hollow-eyed Spanish Christ. The pox is spreading on his face. Vacuoles are opening on his chest. It is the new Christ, the spotted Christ, the maculate Christ, the sinful Christ. The old Christ died for our sins and it didn't work, we were not reconciled. The new Christ shall reconcile man with his sins. The new Christ lies drunk in a ditch. (LITR, p153)

  2. Southern Expat says:

    I dunno, Quin – doesn't sound as radio-friendly.

  3. Quin Finnegan says:

    That's for sure! Osborne's song is stuck in my head, and that's just from reading the lyric.

  4. Jonathan Webb says:

    I remember to forgettable "artist" responsible for that masterpiece advocated donations to Planned Parenthood on the liner notes.

    "…but for wales."

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