Walker Percy: A Documentary Film is Finished

This just in:

Walker Percy: A Documentary Film is now finished. The New Orleans Film Festival will screen the film in October, followed by a screening at Loyola University, New Orleans, later in the year. It will also be available on DVD in November. I’ll post more information soon.

Thank you.

Win Riley


  1. …to be featured at Gerasene 11.

    Along with some bitchin' camping opportunities, of course…


  2. Win,
    The previews look tremendous. You have a great eye. I am really looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

  3. Thank you to all the people involved in the making of this film on such an important subject; I relish the opportunity to see the entire film in the comfort of my home, among my Percy memorabilia.

    Kindest regards,


  4. This is exciting news, especially for those of us who are fans but never got to meet Percy–I notice from
    the clip that there is home-movie- style footage of Percy interacting with his family, etc.
    He did so many interviews but those can only hint at the personal qualities. I'm thankful for YouTube,
    where one can see the 1989 address at Notre Dame–a very moving and revealing (ten-minute) statement about the
    man and his work if you have not seen it:

    My question re. the documentary: How did the filmmaker get the cooperation of that impressive cast of people?
    Was it charm, money, powers of persuasion, ancestry? Mr. Riley, (we share the same last name) do you
    care to answer? Inquiring minds–mine at least– would like to know.

    And on the subject of Percy and film, I'm reminded of passages in Tolson's biography that tell
    of the tortuous and ultimately fruitless attempts to translate several of the novels into film.
    Maybe it's the power of suggestion but I've always thought The Moviegoer had great cinematic potential.
    Perhaps now New Orleans Post-Katrina could be the setting for Binx's search. I think Love in the Ruins and
    Lancelot–told in flashback, of course–might also translate well to film.

    Thanks again to all those who continue to keep this list alive with your informative and timely posts.

    John R.

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