The Finest Entrance to a High School Gymnasium I Have Seen to Date

Of course, by the time I attended Cortland High School, it had moved up the hill, to a larger, more modern facility with a lot more real estate. This place, situated just off downtown, became the County Office Building.

(I’m on vacation, too! Hi, Southern Expat!)


  1. Cortland High School:

    Where pep rallies make the Nuremberg gatherings look like laid back get-togethers with some old chums!

    Great picture!

    May I contribute one, as well?

    Our diocesan center has a pretty interesting entrance too!


  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Abandon all hope…

  3. Southern Expat says

    Have they ever had to remove etched-in sports from the bricks on the side?

  4. Jonathan Webb says

    Yes, in response to the popular new sports like Laakefriskew and Smoolgiablen.

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