1. cubeland mystic says

    Are you at your brother's farm?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Actually, I'm home in San Diego now. But this was taken in the backyard of my childhood home, ten minutes from my brother's farm.

  3. cubeland mystic says

    The shed looks very exotic to me. I don't recognize those flowers, and I imagine the smells are earthy around the shed, and that the air feels warm and humid.

    I am interested in the way people conjure mental images from literature. Can they really relate to the imagery? I am reading Canticle for Leibowitz and listening to Watership Down. I can totally relate to the desert imagery in Canticle. I hear the rock sounds and know the dusty desert smells. There are different variations and intensities of heat. I can't relate to the Yew trees and birch. The green fields and rain are foreign to me. I want to go there, so I can take it all in.

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    CM – If you had to choose between the Shed and Kinkade's Christmas House, which would it be?

  5. Matthew,

    Trick some trade here: How do you get your pics to appear so large on the posting?


  6. cubeland mystic says

    Do you mean which one would I hang on my wall, this picture or the Christmas Cottage? Or do you mean where would I want to be, puttering around the shed in Bedford Falls, NY, or in some alternate reality where the Christmas Cottage exists? If I were to chose between the two pictures I would probably take the shed as a framed photo, but it would be a tough choice. I really like the shed, and I could imagine it was the focal point of a lot of puttering. A lot of spring plantings started there. Someone did a lot of thinking a praying out there as they went about the yard puttering. Kinkade actually produced regular landscapes that are less commercially oriented. I’ve seen them and they are not bad. If it were the shed and a less commercially oriented landscape, I might choose the landscape.

    If it were the alternate reality I take the Christmas Cottage. But why? I know that he is not popular in art circles and his work is overly sentimental and commercial. It’s the light. I find myself fixated on the light and what it means. I really thought about your question last night. I even went for a walk, and thought about it. As a child I wanted to live in a house like that since my experience was very very far from such a thing. My home did not have much of that light. I am like a moth in that I am attracted by the light.

    It also references back to my earlier comment about how experience influences perception and imagination. The desert has so much light and it is so intense, that my perception of it is probably different than a lot of people. Light can kill. You can feel the death rays at noon. There is so much light here and at so many different intensities that encountering a light that conveys warmth and comfort is a special experience.

  7. CM,

    Welcome back!


  8. Jonathan Webb says

    Ever seen something awful in the woodshed?

  9. Rufus McCain says

    Did anyone ever take you out behind the woodshed?

  10. Matthew Lickona says

    I thought it was something NASTY in the woodshed. Or aren't we talking about Cold Comfort Farm?

  11. Jonathan Webb says

    Yes, "nasty" is the word. You young people have all the words.

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