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Rule of the Fumigants of the Strict Observance

With a nod to my fellow Fumigants, the essay “Tobacco and the Soul” by Fumigant Mystic Michael Foley – besides being one of the all time best evah evah essays evah written in this or any othah subject – serves as a sort of Rule for Fumigants around the world.
Foley lights up thus:

The current brouhaha over smoking has made everyone painfully aware of tobacco’s effects on the body, but it has also obscured a more profound reason for smoking’s popularity: its relation to the soul. As the heyday of smoking passes into the ashheap of history, it is meet that we reflect on this connection.

The soul, of course, is a complex thing. Long ago Plato suggested that we consider it as divided into three parts-the appetitive, spirited, and rational-that correspond to the three basic kinds of human desires: the desire to satisfy physical appetites, the desire for recognition, and the desire for truth. Once this tripartite division is recalled, tobacco’s relation to the soul becomes clear: the three prevalent types of smoking tobacco-cigarettes, cigars, and pipes-correspond to the three parts of the soul.

Inhale the rest of it here:


  1. Jonathan Webb says

    Great, but I'd switch the latter two. All you need is to see a bunch posers in a pipe shop to know why.

  2. Jonathan,

    I think Brother Foley spoke to that issue in his exegesis of the heresy known as Hefnerism – the first Dark Lord of the Pose.


  3. Jonathan Webb says

    Thanks Job.

    I just think pipe tobacco is execrable.

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